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I've mentioned before that I am not much of a gardener. I never learned to enjoy the routine care (weeding) that a successful garden requires. Growing mushrooms on logs though, I can manage. After the initial innoculation all I have to do is put the logs in an appropriate environment and make sure that they don't dry out. With Shiitakes, once they are ready to fruit, a 24 hour soak in cold water prompts fruiting and a week later, presto! I've got mushrooms for dinner. A few weeks ago I shocked (soaked) a few Shiitake logs and put them in the basement to fruit. I then managed to completely forget that I had done that. Therefore, I was pretty startled when I went to the basement to get some venison out of the freezer a week later and found that one of the logs was absolutely covered with Shiitakes. This is my best yield for one log to date. I counted out of curiosity and it had 50 mushrooms. I usually see 15-30 mushrooms per log so this log (from the 2014 log innoculation event) is a great performer.

A few years ago I also innoculated some Aspen logs with Oyster Mushroom spawn. This strain (sold by Field and Forest Products) is called Polar White and it produces well in the late fall. It also has a great flavor so Bev and I have been feasting on fresh mushrooms quite a bit lately. I plan to make some duxelles later today since it freezes well and is a great addition to many dishes.

I have not gotten out as much as I would like to hunt for wild mushrooms this fall so it has been nice to be able to harvest in the back yard.

I hope you are enjoying the beauty and bounty of the season.




You've got mushrooms coming

You've got mushrooms coming out your a$$!

I guess we could say that you

I guess we could say that you have a green oyster thumb!