King Boletes

On Sat. my friends and I  went to New York, To do some scouting for deer season around the finger lake region. When they picked me up in the morning I had my basket in hand. They looked at me and said, we are looking for deer sign not mushrooms. I told them, I could do both.We broke up into two groups to cover more ground. Within half an hour I found, Suillus granulatus and americanus under white pine. Then we found a big patch of king boletes. It didnt take long my friends started to gather them for me to identify. Some other edibles we found, Suillus gravillei, Flammulina velutipes, Coprinus micacus, Laccaria ochropurpurea and oyster mushrooms. still no hen of the woods, but we did find some  good deer sign.

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Karen didn't make her Parker

Karen didn't make her Parker dam program so I filled in the best I could,I had a guy and an Italian woman who had been living in Italy show me a bolete they thought was a king.They weren't too pleased when I told them it wasn't,I think they thought I was either lying or stupid.I asked them what kind of tree they found it under and they said apple and I told them they I had never heard of them growing  under apple trees.