Cantharellus appalachiensis

 Finding multiple species of edibles - having trouble with prossessing keeping up with picking. The trumpet bloom is winding down here when it should just be starting.  There is a nice patch of cantharellus appalachiensis on the farm. This species of chantarelle has a fairly limited range and was not widely recognized untill recently.  Checked yesterday and they were just starting - maybe a hundred so far. They haven't had a chance to flatten out and form brown centers yet but will do so in the next few days. Anyone interested in a guided appalachiensis tour let me know - Alan and Barry both have my contact information.


John Traister and I took a

John Traister and I took a few people on a walk yesterday,and cantherellus appalachiensis is one kind we found[first time I remember seeing it.] Where've you been hiding Dan?


Working six nights a week - no life - just a job. Blew out a knee - off now - had to get an MRI. I talked to Barry and he sugested setting up a workshop at his lab next week to try to identify as many boletes as we can. The plan is to collect one day - keep the specimens in a cooler - then test in the lab the following day.      Keep in touch - need some way to share contact information ?   I found some nice fresh grisettes (Aminita Vaginata) but didn't have the nerve to try them. 

We've found thousands of

We've found thousands of blushers,but I wouldn't sleep all night if I ate them,and that's not worth it,there's too many other good ones to eat.Are you coming to next weeks meeting?

I'm going to try to make it.

I'm going to try to make it. To add insult to injury the landscape mulch around my building has a big bloom of reddening lepiotas. I'm more afraid of the black dye then the grisettes.

At least you have the

At least you have the chanerelles to eat.