Hey Randy

Randy,do you eat russula compacta?


No. Do you.

No. Do you.

Oysters mushrooms

 Randy and Chris, 

   What do you do with a half a bushel of oyster mushrooms? I haven't picked but a couple to make sure that was what they were. I found a log today 7-8-15 that was covered on both side of it and hope they are still there on the weekend when I can go get more. I talked with Allen and he said to cook them for preservation purposes.... If I can get mom to operate the wok long enough while I am cleaning. These aren't the only things I have found though. I have been very active in the forest and see all kind of stuff growing. Also I have a mycillium circular ring started in my mulch right now which might  be Parasoles .... won't know for sure until the emergence takes place.

   This is just to let you all know that I haven't been slacking:P

   Another ? I have does anyone know anything about the Peppery mushroom that looks like an agaricus? slugs love them but nothing else seems to? This is not a Milky either, Brown spore print and I have ate them cooked and work great with scrambled eggs..... no hot sauce needed. just imagination. I have about a 1,000 sf area of them near by at my picking pleasure.


  Just let me know what you think? and send me your e-mail addys so we can talk individually if you like. Mine is  host-shovel@msn.com


No,I couldn't remember what

No,I couldn't remember what russula you said you eat.We found some and as they are not too hard to id,i may try the next good ones I find.