Conked out

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Over the past few weeks I have found several nice fruiting bodies of Ganoderma applanatum - the Artist Conk. Since I call myself an artist I decided to collect a few and do some drawings (see below.) I have found a few techniques that can be used when making a "drawing" on an Artist Conk. The most common is simply to use a pointed stick or needle to make lines or dots on the pore surface. I have also discovered that if the pore surface is torn with the needle, the layer directly under the surface is a darker brown and can be made to show with a bit of more vigorous scratching. You can see some of that on the landscape scene below. I also discovered that you can use your finger to "shade" so that it looks more like a watercolor and less like a line drawing. I used that technique on the trout. The final technique that I have learned is that once the conk has fully dried, a light scraping of the pore surface (in areas that have not been bruised) will brighten the surface and make it appear more white. You can see that technique in the sky and water of the landscape and in the body of the frog. Artist Conks are pretty amazing if unforgiving (you can't erase) art boards and I am having fun learning what all can be done to bring out the art within them.









Beautiful Allan!

Beautiful Allan!I know where there are some at Cook Forest.