Gotta love fall! BE SEEN!

Been a great week for fungus!

Here are just some of what I found from my area in York county to Montgomery county.Archery season is here so I am in the woods a good bit. :)

That also says wear your orange!!Espescially on any state gamelands!!I can tell you first hand-The arrow is just as,if not more,effective as a gun!

100% kills on deer here,and you won't walk away!BE SEEN!The hunters are in cammo so you won't see them.Check the trees as you go. :)

Hen Festival!!

YUMM YUMM! These are a different color?They aren't giant polypores.No change in color if I pinch them.The one in front looks like a typical Hen,the one in back is different.I found alot of the one back all over my friends area,In Montgomey County.

Too Late!!! And the brown guys now growing are NOT henlike at all.They have gills!The carcasses were definetly hens,but the rain seems to have mushed them out. :(

What Is this?Check the back side.No gills, pores.I think...Looks like fabric or something ?

Snow balls already!?

These are softball size.I'm thinking they may be eatable?

These are just some neat ones

One funky spider!




Nice finds!

 Hens - Grifola will vary in color depending on age and how much light they get. Might also be a different strain of Grifola. Still good.

 The yellow ones appear to be very old chanterelles.

The snowball is a very nice Hericium erinaceus or Bearded tooth- Choice edible, Brenda found one too!

Keep looking and let us know what you find.