Morels -- its never out of season to think and plan!

 A friend's e-mail brought a new idea (to me): "I am getting a whole dead elm tree for fire wood . We plan on collecting the sawdust from the cutting to spread on the morel areas to promote growth like what happened at my son's home. Wherever the elm dust settled,  up morels popped!"

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Sunset Park Poisonous Mushroom

With the recent rains, we've had lots of mushrooms finally popping up everywhere! Here's baby trying to eat a very poisonous mushroom at Sunset Park. He's even got a bib on!

A Parasol with pink spores????

 Friday, I found this 9" high 'schroom in Gamelands #176. Consensus called it a Parasol, a choice edible. However, it had PINK spores! Christine searched further and found a link to a Quebec site that suggests:  "it may be Macrolepiota prominens which is a little smaller and has a pinkish spore print. It looks a LOT like the parasol."  Check this site:

Shiitake are fruiting

For those of you who are cultivating this mushroom, the recent rain has brought on a nice flush. Mine will be producing about two dozen in the next few days.
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Baby found oyster mushrooms and Boletus bicolor!

At the 3 mile yellow trail around Whipple's Dam July 31, 2011, 6 week old Baby Bryn had some great finds!

This log was just past the 2 bridges with the bench (about a mile into the walk) but just before the hike to the top of the hill over the dam. I think these oysters are still good until Monday or Tuesday! I didn't pick them because I didn't bring anything to carry them.

Foray 2011

  Unless we get more people attending, I'm thinking of changing the plans. We only have 8 people registered for this event. We may not be able to have Brenda cater this- it won't be worth her time.

If you plan on coming please E-mail me and copy Laura and Diana. It's very difficult to plan and carry out a weekend event without confirmations from those who are coming. I'd hate to cancel it but it's looking like this may not happen this year. 

 I realize we are all busy. but your help would be appreciated.   

A Rare One!


Here's a likely once-in-a-lifetime mushroom find. We collected this colorful species, Nolanea incana, at our club meeting at Parker Dam Atate Park in June. I had never seen it before. The stem bruises a bright blue-green when handled.

It may appear regularly at Parker Dam. If anyone has seen it elsewhere else, I'd love to know.


Copperhead at Poe Paddy SP!

 New CPWMC member Jack Schoenholz was 'shroomin' in Poe Paddy SP a couple of weeks ago, and found this beauty just off the trail. Note that his camera position was not in the line of fire! When last I heard from Jack, he planned to acquire snake gaiters soon!

Giant Morel

 My friend, John Yost, forwarded this image of a morel found late in the season near Mifflintown.

Yes, that is a gallon jug!

Bicolor Boletes are up!

 Some people don't care for these, but they are among my favorite edibles. Since rains last Friday night, they've been popping up in yards and gardens, and I suspect the woods as well.

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