Need help identifying

I found these two. I believe they are hedgehogs, stems are very short because they were underneath a rock out crop on deadwood about 6 inches across and spines underneath the cap are 1/4 inch. No pine trees were close. Thanks

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A Big Boy - Chlorophyllum molybdites

Following the heavy rains of Tropical Storm Lee, I have found a number of large and interesting mushrooms.  Here is one that I had previously heard about, but had not previously gotten to know thoroughly.  I was out running some errands and stopped by the recycling center to drop off some materials.  As I drove about a half a block beyond the bins I spotted a grass lot with a large patch of big white mushrooms.  I rarely drive by a single large mushroom without stopping, so there are now skid marks in front of that patch of big boys. 

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Lots of Mushrooms

Greetings All.  I have been busy with a couple of projects and until a few weeks ago it had been quite a dry summer here in Huntingdon County.  The drought finally broke several weeks ago and then Tropical Storm Lee provided us with some seven inches of rain over a three day period.  That's gotta produce mushrooms.  And it did. 

Grifola Sighting

 Laura found this yesterday at a friends farm in State College. It was summarily sliced, sauteed, and served over pasta.

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Mushrom Question

From the emails... I can't tell what this is. Any thoughts?

We NEVER EVER recommend eating a wild mushroom based on a couple of pictures. We generally don't give advice on edibility of mushrooms without seeing it in person and in the context of where it was found and how it was growing. As a club, we disavow any opinions on mushroom identification for legal reasons. Please keep that in mind before you take anyone's advice.

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Tuscarora Hunt Postponed

Bill Russell asked me to pass the word that the mushroom hunt planned for Tuscarora State Forest tomorrow, Sunday August 28 has been postponed due to the expected passage of Hurricane Irene through the area.  If Bill will let me know if and when the event is rescheduled, I will pass that information via this same route. 
The silver lining to this cloud (pardon the pun) is that we should see some mushrooms fruiting a few days after any heavy rains we receive. 


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Another set of pictures from our email account

Guess what these are!

I'm feeling pretty good - I'm pretty confident about my identification of this mushroom and the previous puffball! I'm really still a novice though. These are stinkhorn mushrooms. Some may say that stinkhorns are edible. Edible perhaps by someone else? One sniff and you'll see why!

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Question from the emails

The Central PA Mushroom Club received an email today with some pictures from David Cochrane from Penn State. He asked Kimberly Paley (also at Penn State) and she referred him to us! He would like some help to identify the mushroom in these pictures.

First of all, I'd like to say that he did a good job of photographing them.

1. He's showing where the mushroom grows.

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Another Great Foray

The third annual CPWMC foray is officially history and I have to say Karen and the group once again hit the ball out of the park.  It was great; great people, great collecting, great food, great conversation, great educational content, great atmosphere, great hospitality, great facilities, pretty great weather....

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Pictures from the Central Pennsylvania Mushroom Club 3rd Annual Foray

50 Foray Pictures

Many of the new members who showed up at the foray heard about us via an online search. So to widen our visibility online even more and establish a firm presence for when people do any searches for mushrooms, I've created a Google Profile. You can visit it here.

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