Gotta love fall! BE SEEN!

Been a great week for fungus!

Here are just some of what I found from my area in York county to Montgomery county.Archery season is here so I am in the woods a good bit. :)

That also says wear your orange!!Espescially on any state gamelands!!I can tell you first hand-The arrow is just as,if not more,effective as a gun!

100% kills on deer here,and you won't walk away!BE SEEN!The hunters are in cammo so you won't see them.Check the trees as you go. :)

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Honey Mushroom - Armillariella mellea

When I first found this mushroom I wasn't sure what it was.  So I put out a call for help from our experts and Karen came through with the answer.  I have been doing some reading and decided to revise the blog with additional information that may be helpful to others.  First, the history. 

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Black Trumpets Here Too

I was out trimming trees near the house today and stopped to look around a bit.  There are lots of mushrooms continuing to fruit here in the Huntingdon area and I figured a quick survey was in order.  I had not seen the previous blog regarding them so I was surprised to find a few Black Trumpets.  They were in an area where I had found them previously.  I was curious if this was just a fluke, or if they were fruiting over a larger area.  I checked two other nearby locations where I have previously found them and found Trumpets fruiting in bo

More Reading Mushrooms

Just another look at the great hunting day Dan & Camelia had near Reading.  They dried most of schrooms for enjoyment over the holidays. 

Black trumpets near Reading PA

My Dan and his wife Camelia picked this basket full of black trumpets near Reading.  They also found chantrels, boletes and mataki.  We are all new members and we are looking forward to all the upcoming events.

Interesting South Jersey Finds

Melzer's for a Clarion University Prof

Hello all!  My name is Shannon Nix and I am a professor at Clarion University of Pennsylvania.  Barrie has allowed me to temporarily hijack his account to post a request.  I am in need of Melzer's solution for my General Mycology class but not able to obtain it through the university because we lack a DEA lisence.  I understand that the group has been able to obtain Melzer's in the past due to the kindness (and understanding) of a member that is a physcian who will write a prescription for Melzer's.  Is this still a possiblilty?  Please contact me at snix@

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Woodland Agaricus - Agaricus silvicola?

I found a small patch of these fairly large, handsome mushrooms growing at the edge of a nearby woodlot.  I found the first one following the recent heavy rains and they have been fruiting for a couple of weeks now, so I have collected several specimens.  I believe them to be Agaricus silvicola, the Woodland Agaricus.  When I first found them I thought they might be The Prince, Agaricus augustus.  Notice the resemblance to the photo on the front cover of one of my favorite mushroom guides - Mushrooms Demystified.  I see that photo a lot, so that was my

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Still Out There, Amanita virosa

I have recently been discussing with the club leaders some things we might do to improve the foray next year.  One of the topics we have been discussing is trying to bring additional experts to the event.  But we don't want to leave the beginning mushroomers behind, so I have been thinking about including a session on "Getting Started in Mushrooming" or "Welcome to the World of Mushrooms" or "Mushrooms From the Ground Up" or something like that.  Anyhow, one emphasis of such a session might be identification of a few common mushrooms every&n;

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Club dues $20, Yummy mushrooms >>$20

Posing next to a big Hen that Karen Croyle found at the Whipple Dam walk. She shared half of it with me.

Washed and cleaned hen of the woods (maitake) mushroom

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