calling Randy

I have been trying to call you but apparently you don't have the number any more.Give me a call,Chris

Parasole in my mulch

    Well  folks this is the second year for a Parasole mushroom in my mulch along my walk way.

Foray carpool?


I would like to attend the foray this year but need a ride.  Anyone from the Boalsburg/State College area planning to attend that would like to carpool?  Gas is on me.  Email me:




Bitter Hedgehog

This mushroom is said to be commen but I dont find it much in my area . the latin name is Sacrodon  scabrosus ,which is a tooth fungi. its not edible but very interesting. and easy to identify.

Take a walk

Anyone interested in a guided appalachiensis tour let me know - Alan and Barry both have my contact information.

Cantharellus appalachiensis

 Finding multiple species of edibles - having trouble with prossessing keeping up with picking. The trumpet bloom is winding down here when it should just be starting.  There is a nice patch of cantharellus appalachiensis on the farm. This species of chantarelle has a fairly limited range and was not widely recognized untill recently.  Checked yesterday and they were just starting - maybe a hundred so far. They haven't had a chance to flatten out and form brown centers yet but will do so in the next few days.

Hey Randy

Randy,do you eat russula compacta?

Boletus frostii

First time for me,I don't know if its more common in other areas, but its my first photos.

Cook Forest Meeting

 This was my first meeting since becoming a member and just wanted to say that I enjoyed it very much, except the rain. I appreciated everyone's willingness to share their knowledge with me. Also wanted to thank Chris C. for his demonstration of tinder polypore and bow drill fire.

June lawn mushrooms

With all this rain, my lawn is bristling with wild mushrooms. Some of these are edible and tasty.

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