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Melzer's for a Clarion University Prof

Hello all!  My name is Shannon Nix and I am a professor at Clarion University of Pennsylvania.  Barrie has allowed me to temporarily hijack his account to post a request.  I am in need of Melzer's solution for my General Mycology class but not able to obtain it through the university because we lack a DEA lisence.  I understand that the group has been able to obtain Melzer's in the past due to the kindness (and understanding) of a member that is a physcian who will write a prescription for Melzer's.  Is this still a possiblilty?  Please contact me at snix@

Why does morel season have to be during college finals and grading



A friend, that wishes his name not be included, found these garbage bags of morels between State College and Bellefonte along roads and streams.  He collected them sometime between April 27th and May 1st--he would not give dates or exact locations.

He did say dandelions were out in abundance and starting to go to seed.



Everything mushroom hunters and their primary care physicians should know about amatoxins.

The hunting of wild edible mushrooms in Pennsylvania is a robust hobby practiced by many nature enthusiasts in Pennsylvania and is a tradition born from the cultural practices of many immigrants that settled in Pennsylvania during the coal boom.  There are thousands of mushrooms that occur in Pennsylvania forests.  Out of that number a relatively small percentage of species are toxic, while for a slightly larger

Holiday List

Well it seems that my post struck a negative cord with individuals, apparantly because the books I suggested will not help you ID mushrooms in your backyard?  This is to me a fallacious argument--why would I post them otherwise?  The mycyological book seller I listed, Lubrecht and Cramer--deals with all books mycological for North America and elsewhere--if it was published on mushrooms--Charlie can help you get them at a reasonable cost.

Holiday List for Mushroom Lovers

It has been a while.  I am working through the horrible process of creating a tenure binder--hoops, hoops, and more hoops.  Sorry I have been absent from the blogosphere and walks.  I did reserve the Sieg for next summer per the dates requested by D.

Ok--now for the blog--if you are gearing up for the holidays like I am--then you know the importance of a good holiday list.

For the serious mushroom hunter--I have created a list to get the party started--or to save your relationship if you have a mycophillic significant other.

Sharing the Mushroom Woods with Wild Game Hunters

Just a reminder to all club members that from this weekend Oct. 2, 2010 on...we will be sharing our woods with Hunters.

Regardless if you agree with the sport, as it can appear violent to some, hunters are enjoying the natural world in their own way and we need to share.  I am impressed that PA does not allow hunting on Sundays as this gives other people, hikers, bird watchers, and mushroom hunters like us, a chance to share in the joy the Fall season brings.

The Ionomidotic Reaction

Hello mushroom lovers.  I wanted to share something I learned at the Peck Foray.  An ear-shaped, medium sized , blackish fungus, an ascomycete to be specific was found at the foray.  I had never collected it before so made sure I looked at it.  It was described as Ionomidotis irregularis, an inoperculate discomycete in the Helotiales.  It gets its name from the fact that in KOH there is an ionomidotic reaction in which the excipulum releases a black pigment into the KOH on the slide.  Imagine that!  Well it is an interest

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